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st helens, oregon

Washington Park 

Washington Park is one of the oldest parks located in Portland, Oregon. The park has had a few relandscaping times since being built. The area has now expanded to 160 acres and is home to Hoyt Arboretum, the Oregon Zoo, the World Forestry Center and the Portland Children's Museum. Each area of the park has its own unique history. The Portland Soo was created in 1888 from a collection of animals that were collected by a Portland local. The World Forestry Center dates back to Lewis and Clark fair which was held in Portland in 1905. The Portland Children's Museum was founded in 1946 and is in the former home of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The Hoyt Arboretum has a great collection of coast redwoods that are over 150 feet tall and were some of the first planted trees in 1931. The Internation Rose Test Garden is the oldest continuously operated public rose garden in the United States, it opened in 1917. The Portland Japanese Garden was opened in 1962 and was the original site for the Washington Park Zoo until it moved to its current location.

There is so much to do at the park that includes four trails with the Marquam Trail, the Downtown Trail, NW 23rd Trail, and the Wildwood Trail. Explore the biking and skating trails as well. There is an archery range located at the park that you can ring your own equipment to as long as you keep in mind that crossbows are not permitted. If there are kids with you there is also the Children's Playground and Elephant House that is free for use. Take a walk through some history with all the memorials and statues.